CBD Oil Benefits

Restore your health naturally with CBD Oil. CBD provides many natural benefits for common health issues.

CBD for Depression

If you are feeling low, Smooth Roots CBD oil is just what you need to help lift you up and get you back to living your best life.

CBD for Anxiety

Have you been feeling overwhelmed by all that life has to throw at you? Try our Smooth Roots CBD oil to even you out and restore your inner peace.

CBD for Pain

Pain and inflammation are some of the most common issues people suffer from. Smooth Roots CBD oil has powerful pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects that will relax your muscles and cool joint pain.

CBD for Sleep

For those who suffer from insomnia and sleep apnea, you need to search no further. Smooth Roots CBD oil was formulated just for you. It will you wind down in the evening and sleep well throughout the night.


ADHD is commonly found among people of all ages. While ADHD makes it increasingly difficult to stay focused, Smooth Roots CBD oil is there to help negate these issue to keep you right on task.

CBD for Pets

From people to animals, Smooth Roots CBD products can help your furry friends just as much as they can help you! Our natural CBD pet products will give your fur babies the relief they need.

CBD Oil for Pets

All Natural CBD for Pets

Whether your puppy is just a youngin or has become a wise old friend, Smooth Roots CBD oil for dogs can help settle separation anxiety, pain and inflammation.

CBD for Pets